iPad therefore iWant? Probably. Why? iDunno

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Some people are complaining because it doesn’t have a camera in it. Spoiled techno-babies, all of them. Just because something is technically possible, it doesn’t mean it has to be done. It’s technically possible to build an egg whisk that makes phonecalls, an MP3 player that dispenses capers or a car with a bread windscreen. Humankind will continue to prosper in their absence. Not everything needs a 15-megapixel lens stuck on the back, like a little glass anus. Give these ingrates a camera and they’d whine that it didn’t have a second camera built into it. What are you taking photographs of anyway? Your camera collection?

via The Guardian. thx marie-anne.

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  1. While I have rarely wanted to make phone calls from my whisk or begged my MP3 player for a few capers to go on my bagel, I imagine I would like to make video conferences on a device like an iPad. It seems like a perfect platform but for the lack of camera. It’s not a matter of whether it’s possible; it’s a matter of whether it’s useful. Perhaps we are spoiled by all the other useful places Apple has put cameras like phones, laptops, and monitors and don’t understand why this device, the one that seems to beg the most for a camera, is without it.

  2. Photo-wise, having a 9.7 inches and 1.5 pounds camera sound pretty useless to me… I already have my iPhone and my G10, why would i want to carry my iPad around to shoot?

    On an another hand, having my iPad remotely controlling my SLR and acting as display on my shoot sounds indefinitely more valuable. People have been spoiled and they have stopped thinking. They actually don’t wanna think anymore so they just want everything in one device, all the time.

    As far as video conferencing is concerned. We shouldn’t worry. Apple had to leave something out for its second generation of iPad.


    – A

  3. Alessandro Casagli

    Nobody would like to take pictures with that crap. But usin it as a video conferency terminal would boost all the sales. I think all this was planned because people will still buy first version thanks to the coolness, too much money – and not last, stupidity – and this will give Apple the free knowledge on how to develop the next version, next year.

  4. The question remains:
    The product is not “magical”. So why say it?

    The last guy I came across calling a product magical was some con man on a street corner selling ‘magic’ plastic whistles.

  5. Yeah the next thing you know they will have a camera permanently mounted in a place the sun don’t shine. Personally if I am going to have something that is a remote monitor for my camera, then at leats it needs to be a good one.
    I am not shure how much this oversized ipod touch/iphone is, but if it is under $1k then its qualitity for photos is marginal- esp at under 10″ it would be marginal anyway.
    There are people out that that will buy it and make it a success sales wise while it will not deliver everything they want. Typical apple customer. Bunch of sheep if you ask me. ; O

      • @Christopher Bush, I didn’t say this but my son-in-law is that way…i mean 2 not just one power books and the a apple desktop too! then he’s got the Iphones Ipod touch and an Ipod nano and …the list goes one, it’s almost like a Hitchcock move(the birds maybe)

        I am funnin a bit but it is weird the folllllllowing apple has and how they can really get the most out for their loyal customers Baaaaaah. Please no offense the Mac guys, cuz I tempted by the newer desktops ;o Not conviinced yet, but tempted.

  6. If it allows me to view and transfer images to an external HD, I’m sold.

    I’d much rather carry an iPad than a MacBook when traveling.

  7. Remember this is iPad V1.0….. Im sure Apple are working on keeping on the excitement growing. They are not going to give us all the goodies up front. They want to offer enough to make people want it now and at the lowest price they can and them show us some new goodies just before Christmas. Thats business. Im happy with V1.0, 1.5, 2 etc etc…. just keep them flowing Apple.

  8. throw Lightroom (or Aperture) into that thing, with the possibility to use it with a digital pen, and some kind of interaction with a pro camera (like USB), and you’ve got the coolest gadget for photogs ever.

  9. it isn’t about taking high quality photos. it is about video conferencing using ichat or skype. this is a device that would be great to sit on the couch and chat with someone. the guardian shouldn’t be so dense.

  10. Nothing works as smooth as the iPhone so when the iPad was revealed to be like a giant iPhone I thought it was a good move. I’m gonna get one asap and use it for a portfolio.

  11. Apple will probably sell a couple million this year, but I will not be one of them. I’m quite happy with my MacBook Pro, and the function is there. I’ve tried the iPhone several times, but honestly can’t stand using one. Besides, I am tough on phones, so I have a MilSpec phone … the iPhone would barely last a week with me. I fully expect to see a busted screen pictured on Gizmodo or Engadget within the first few days the iPads starts getting delivered. Also, what’s with the feminine hygiene naming of this thing; makes me wonder if any women were on the design team.

  12. About the name… Don’t you all remember when Microsoft caught all the same flak over Note Pad?? Oh, wait.. That never happened. I still don’t get the instant identification to maxi-pads. People love a lame joke, I guess.

  13. theleftbob

    why do people want a camera on a handheld device? Of 500 friends on facebook, none responded with a yes that they ever used video chat outside of business or the odd chat with family abroad (about 3 of them)! Most of my family is abroad, but why would I want to chat to them anywhere outside of my home, where a fast laptop on wired broadband is the only way to get a high/usable connection!

    You want a camera on an iPad? You’ll look stupid!

    Bunch of whining idiots!