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  1. Well. They can partially thank Lady GaGa for this I think.

  2. Well if there is hope for the fashion industry then there is hope for everyone else???

    It is interesting how much speculation goes on about everything media especially paper. The more I apply what I know about business management the more I see the lack of good business management.

    Since the inception of the internet, periodicals of all sorts should have been strategizing on what to do for the future. It wasn’t just enough to create an online version and collect ad revenue, but they should have been hitting the consumers up for revenue too.

    There is so much content out there that is produced by for profit orgs that can be had for free? I mean I like it , however, If it was my business I would be asking the question of why are we giving it away for free.

    Adverstising is one thing, I chalk my mediocre website and the purpose of its contents up to advertising, which sucked, oh maybe thats part of the problem….

  3. So, what’s the reason for the uptick? Any thoughts on this? I’m dying to know…

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