Photographer Eyal Landseman created a stop motion music video for Oren Lavie’s song “Her Morning Elegance” and now it’s up for a Grammy Award (here). How cool is that?

The photographer is exhibiting and selling 22 prints from the 2,321 images that make up video in a nice little publicity stunt (here).

The video has 10 million views on YouTube.

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    • @Secret photographer,

      Totally understand where you are comming from but lets look at the pretext. This is an ad, it was a commission, how much of it was the photographer and how much the agency. Did the photographer ripp it off, YES. Did he do it intentionally, I don’t know.

      Lets give this guy the benefit of the situation….we do not know if it was the agency or the photographer. Careful when you point fingers without knowing the full story

  1. There were quite a few noteworthy stop motion videos out there this year. Death Cab for Cutie picked up a fan’s stop-motion and time-lapse film as the official video for “Little Bribes”: http://www

    . And it’s funny that this vid is up against a Coldplay video, when my favorite video of the year was another stop-motion film for Coldplay’s “Strawberry Swing,” done by Shynola: . A mind-blowing amount of work went into that one…

  2. Wow that is amazing and hands down Grammy worthy!

    It is both sad and exciting to see, hear, and touch all the truly gifted individuals out there, yet only a handful gets noticed.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome piece of art.

    Kind Regards,
    Bryan Z

  3. Nothing new here. Corpse Bride was shot in 2005 using several Canon EOS-1D Mark II digital cameras.

    But technique isn’t the important thing, what is important is that Eyal Landseman has created a stunning piece of art.

    Don’t confuse technique with vision.

  4. Nice touch. The first time I watched it without the audio and was actually listening to muse….to me it gives an opportunity to just watch. It has a great perspective, and the choice to use a single focus creates intrigue.

    Hey it is a great piece and nice art.

  5. Beautiful.
    The really amazing thing about this is that professional photographers are now taking the leap into creating beautiful motion art. Is it technology that now gives us the confidence to experiment like this?

  6. Great new use for an old technique.

  7. Very nice.

    Also ripped off by the Spanish Lottery (paying, I hope).

  8. 2096 frames, not only 22, are being sold online and at art galleries in Los Angeles, New York and Tel Aviv, starting Jan. 28th 2010.

    Each frame will be made into one Digital Lambda Print and will come with an authenticity certificate signed by Lavie and Landesman, as well as with a unique authenticity number.

    Sign up now to recieve an e-mail invitation once the frames are up for sale, at!

  9. This video is beautiful, and amazingly touching. I am more than willing to buy one of these frames… the actress has this dreamy look on her face that suits my Study room.

    I signed up for the website invitation :)

  10. I think this video is very deserving. One of those really well put together pieces, nothing more needs to be added, and nothing can be taken away from it. I’ve show it to clients on multiple occasions.

  11. this is problaly the closest i’ve seen to that ad.
    Australian ad for target.

  12. This is of course not a new technique, and I agree that the Australian ad for Target is, shall we say a little to close for comfort! Wonder which was released first?

    In 1998 I helped my brother ( with post work on a video for REM called Daysleeper, which was shot entirely on 35 mm film and painstakingly scanned, spotted, aligned and finally edited
    Funny enough there is a bed scene there too..

    With digital technology this has obviously become a lot easier to do.. just need the imagination really.

  13. oops.. I didn’t mean to put my e-mail address for my name.. sorry!

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