Editors also are tasked with coming up with new revenue ideas, in another culture shift for Condé Nast, said another source, adding, “At this company, editors spend money.”

via MediaWeek.

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  1. I wonder if outsiders like myself are invited to give “ideas” to the Conde Nast brand.. 10 G is a nice prize for creative thinking.. and I have a few ideas.

  2. from the mediaWeek article:

    “Carey and Sauerberg are believed to be working on ways to trade on the now-defunct Gourmet, Cookie and Domino because, in the view of one insider, “These brands still have life, and it’s easier to do licensing or branding development deals because the editorial doesn’t get in the way.” With Gourmet, those could include ideas that were in the hopper before the magazine folded in October, like branded kitchen appliances, cookware and wine-themed trips.

  3. Wow, I think they are catching up with the train instead of standing on the platform wondering what to do.

    The ideas they need to develop should approach not just in branding but towards capturing revenues from online content. I think readers were getting tired of seeing more ads than content.

    I hope someone gets to bring Gourmet back. I liked it in the early days, hey and I dea go retro.

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