“On each occasion, I was politely told that the typical buyer of advertising space lacked the time and intelligence to grasp complicated ideas such as I had just presented. Nor in six years was any notable investment made in a dedicated sales staff, reader research or web development for I.D.”

“Imagine going to a hospital and learning from the person holding the scalpel that he really doesn’t see a difference between your hand and your foot; after all, an appendage is an appendage, and a sock can be pulled over any of them.”

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  1. wow… that’s depressing.

    a truly great mag.


  2. When Critique magazine disappeared many years ago, I found myself getting more into I.D. Unfortunately the content, commentary, and writing seems to have diminished over the last few years, and I rarely bought one. As creative professions have seemingly declined over the last decade, many magazines for that audience have followed.

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