“…we are very clear: We’re not the muse. We don’t want to be. They have to come with a muse or their own inspiration. They have to do personal work. Personal projects, editorial outside of the advertising arena so that we can take that work and package it and bring it to our communities.”

via Resolve

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  1. One of the most succinct and well stated position on what it takes. Without that passion, fire and self-directed work, it is very much more difficult.

    If not impossible in some markets.

  2. Maureen and Bill are two of the loveliest people I know. I have had the honor of “breaking bread” with Bill. They believe in this business with their whole hearts. They believe in the good of this business.

    When I was an art buyer, I had the pleasure of working with them on many projects. There is a reason for their success because they offer a professional business that is surrounded by art. I wish they would write a book about the way they do business- it would be a best seller!!

    And their supporting staff is as awesome as them!!!

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