sexy women, sexy vampires and sexy lighting

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…it’s crucial that young talents understand that photography is about more than sexy women, sexy vampires and sexy lighting. A photographer needs time to develop their voice and vision- listening, learning and shooting is the best way to get there.

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  1. Very astute, years (80′ & 90’s) of side shoots not making any money from B&W and type 55 figure work. Stacks of negatives and prints , some were just throw out out. Really a hobby,my after editorial product shots were done.

    I love shooting , and wanted to make some thing artistic.

    But one day it happened , I was asked to make some photos for a movie based on this style, it paid well , and a second movie project is looking for a distributor now.

    so it paid off in the long run. scary sexy vampire women photos

  2. Great message, it is true that when you are intimes like this, it is the photogrpaher, his style that stands out, and he needs ot sell it. So I would say that the sexy vampire is back in the twilight of things LOL