Is Content Still King?

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“some problems don’t have answers. That is the flaw in the ‘they will find a business model’ logic. As if business models grow on trees. Don’t assume there is always an answer.”

via Daily Intel.

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  1. An interesting question.

    Let’s turn it over and ask… is content necessary? And if so, what should the content look like?

    And, as the referred post illuminates, who would the content be created for? And… would those who want the content ultimately pay the creator?

    It is a question we are asking ourselves a lot lately. Free this and free that is one part of the equation…

    Whether young people care about any of the content that can be delivered is another, far more troublesome question.

    Oh, hey… gotta go. Somebody ‘offed’ my lieutenant on FaceBook…

    (as we slouch closer and closer to the bottom….)

  2. To me it is the question is not whether content is King? I think the question is how do you get the newer generation to pay up.

    I love my Son-In-Law yet he is pretty tight with $ but when it comes to the number of apps he has on his IPhone I’m sure he has most of the apps that are free and suit his needs. The ones he has take him to content, and access to most(content) of it is free.

    I think that a large portion of the younger generation will find a way to get the content they want for free. They have the idea that if anything is on the web it should be free, that is my perception. The differences between generations when it comes to consumerism makes life challenging. The content producers have to draw the line somewhere and the days of old well, that is like trying to live in the realm of Camelot.JMHO.

  3. Content is still King. As long as it is free. Consumers will just search and wander until their information needs are met. Whether or not the information they receive is complete or correct seems less important than the monetary cost.

    What strikes me is consumers’ willingness to give up personal information (the hot commodity) for their “free” content so that the new business model is cashing in on the user data for targeted marketing.

    Is it a conflict of interest or breach of trust for a news organization to capitalize on user data? Seems like it to me, but I’m old school.