Monocle Magazine Video Report From Prix Pictet 2009

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Fantastic video from Monocle. Interviews with Edgar Martins, Edward Burtynsky, Christopher Anderson and winner Nadav Kander.

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  1. nice vid! I like Monicle Mag, they can get a bit lost up their own arses sometimes, but its a real great quality magazine, the other doomed mags should take a look.

  2. “A single image gets weighted down by its literal information. When you put two of them together, some other sort of emotional power can come out of that.”

    That’s really brilliant. I’ve never thought about diptychs like that.

    Very interesting.

  3. In Nadav’s own words, he tweets, “Im still in shock..winning the Prix Pictet in Paris. Here’s hoping that my photographs raise awareness to the damage we inflict on Earth.”

    Interesting he says that knowing he shoots major commercial jobs, which does nothing if not encourage consumerism and trigger a domino effect that does have a significant negative effect. Seems almost hypocrital/silly for him to hope for that considering his professional decisions.

  4. isn’t edgar martins the guy with the photoshopped images in the nyt? the guy who said the images weren’t ps’d and was proven wrong? i find it strange that he would be in this company….

  5. yeah for Burtynsky, his prints are spellbounding.

    seems posters have issues with the finalists’ histories, that’s the problems with pedestals you suddenly appear in everyone’s sightlines

  6. Wonderful video reflecting passionate and skilled photographers.
    A reminder of the compassion we need to have for our enviornment and the outstanding work that can be done to bring these challenges to the viewers.

  7. Nice Video, I like the the statements made by each of the artists. They are very deeply involved in their work. It is an apsiration each artist should want to maintain when they are working. Thanks

  8. Great video. I really enjoyed Nadav Kander’s comment about taking his time composing and thinking about his images. So many photographers tend to be trigger happy and when they get a good shot, it is more often luck than craft.