Lucie Award Winners

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Picture Editor of the year – Steve Fine – Sports Illustrated

Photo Magazine of the Year –

Fashion Layout of the Year – Harper’s Bazaar – Thriller Fashion by Terry Richardson

Book Publisher of the Year – Verso Limited Editions Bruce Davidson – Central Park

Print Advertising Campaign of the Year – FFL France Wrangler We Are Animals Ryan McGinley

Photography Curator of the Year – Sarah Greenough Looking In: Robert Frank’s The Americans

International Photographer of the Year – Nadav Kander

Discovery of the Year Award – Elliot Wilcox

International Photographer of the Year, Deeper Perspective Award – Rachel Papo

The Spotlight Award – The W.Eugene Smith Memorial Fund, accepted by Marcel Saba, the fund’s current President.

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  1. Congratulations to all but particularly to David Harvey and Burn. David, you have reinterpreted the photo essay. One of the most important things you are doing is proving that there is an audience for good, inventive visionary storytelling. Magazines are failing because they shoot for the lowest common denominator.
    Burn doesn’t, its pure.
    All best from South Sudan

    -Stephen Alvarez

    • @Stephen Alvarez,
      Yeah, that’s pretty amazing that Burn won that and quite a contrast to another magazine that was nominated that I heard was using images without permission.

  2. I curious to know how they nominate the photographers for the Lucie awards. Are they voted in by a panel of judges early on and if so who’s the person that is responsible for choosing these first round nominees .. It doesn’t stay much on there website. Like most awards in our biz, you have to pay to play. The Lucies seem different..
    All the best to the winners.. very inspiring work

  3. Elaine Totten Davis

    Congratulations to all of the award winners and all the nominees. The Lucie Awards were wonderful last night. I was so moved by all of the photography. I want a copy of Gilles Peress’ acceptance speech. I want to sit down for hours and listen to Reza. I want to hang out on a Mark Seliger’s set. I want to sit on the floor in the middle of Marvin Newman’s images. I could go on and on. Everyone was amazing. Passion and expression of that passion is a very powerful thing.

  4. I just read foto8 Magazine’s Twitter feed which said this regarding Burn’s win:

    “foto8 FOAM, Aperture, other mags ignored Lucie best mag “award”. winner nascient website. how “innovative” to give real, viable print the finger.”

  5. B-O-R-I-N-G…….. outside of Burn Magazine and maybe Nadav, its the same old players, showing the same old work or some derivative of it. PDN and the award shows need to look no further than themselves for why the industry is in serious decline. How about celebrating and rewarding innovation, people who move the industry forward rather than keeping it the same.