The Centre for Documentary Practice invites you to logon and join the world’s first online journalism and documentary conference on October 15th 2009, starting 12:01am (GMT) (That’s 8PM EST).

Speakers include Paul Fusco, Ed Kashi, Jodi Bieber, Marcus Bleasdale, Shahidul Alam, Gary Knight, Robin Hammond, Adam Ferguson, Travis Beard, Michael Coyne, Masaru Goto, Jack Picone, Megan Lewis, and more to be confirmed.

On October 15th we will connect an international community of documentary practitioners and journalists for one day, to share stories, to stimulate discussion and debate about our discipline, and to inspire each other to continue the fight for justice.

[read more here] thx luca.

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  1. Another piece of US centrism. It’s 8pm for us… never mind the rest because the “world” has the highest audience at 8pm. The same way the World Series aren’t actually about the world.

    • @Ion Ion,

      This event is sponsored by Griffith University in Australia The program runs from 12:01 GMT to 19:00 GMT (that’s a total of 19 hours). So what makes you think this is “Another piece of US centrism …”

  2. Does anyone know if this symposium was archived online, either with video or just audio? I would like to view the actual conference, but would be happy to see any notable coverage of the event.

    • @Jessica Horn,
      The captured video and audio of this online symposium is available for viewing at

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