2009 Photographer Social Media Survey

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Photographer Jim M. Goldstein is looking to compile data on how photographers are currently using and receiving benefit from social media web sites such as Twitter, Facebook and others. Won’t you help him out by filling out his survey:
2009 Photographer Social Media Survey

Data from this survey will be shared by Jim M. Goldstein (www.JMG-Galleries.com) October 22 at PDN PhotoPlus Expo in NYC as part of the “Twitter Revolution: Changing the Photographic World, 140 Characters at a Time” (http://bit.ly/3FHUl) discussion panel with Seshu Badrinath, Jack Hollingsworth, and Rosh Sillars. The data from this survey will also be made available later to all who are interested.

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  1. Warning shameless plug.

    Just finished a blog post about how Twitter led me to stills and video for the Lemonade movie about life after working in the ad biz.

    Also sent out an estimate today baed on a Twitter connection.