After Staff Week On The Resolve Blog

Miki Johnson who runs the Resolve blog had a nice theme running all week called “after staff” (here). She interviewed and gathered advise from people who’ve either moved on or been laid off from a staff job. As a former staffer myself I can tell you… well, I’m not a good example because I worked with freelance photographers before getting a staff job and couldn’t wait to become a freelancer again some day. One thing that I remember clearly tho is that after many years of having a deadline each and every month, as a freelancer or independent business person you have an unending list of things to get done and no deadlines. That can be somewhat crushing and paralyzing to deal with.

Also, worth mentioning is a Q and A with Maren Levinson founder of Redeye Reps who offers more insight into the perpetual question, “how do photographers land agents?” I just received an email from an 18 year old photographer who said he’s ready to start finding one so here you go buddy: (One of the questions I hear most from photographers, whether they used to be staffers or not, is, “How do I get commercial jobs?” A close second is, “How do I find a commercial rep?”)

“All of my photographers would be successful without me, but hopefully I make things better– I’m a good collaborator, and I represent where they want to be going and the clients they hope to be in contact with.”

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  1. A lot of practical and good info. The struggle goes on. We as photographers would need to adapt and learn. It is a constant process.

  2. There is already much EXCEPTIONAL talent out there. Both represented by agents, and representing themselves.

    A fundamental question: Are there enough projects/jobs available to keep established image makers working? (That is real projects providing real ROI).

  3. get a rep when you’re too busy to market yourself anymore


    you don’t get a rep when nobody is working with you. what rep is going to want that person? they make a living based on you making a living.