The Gilded Age of Conde Nast Is Over

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Ah bummer the perks at Condé are over. I used to love a good client lunch or wrap dinner. I suppose the thousand dollar sushi wrap dinner is out the window now.

…It used to be that on Monday mornings, the flower deliverymen would clog the elevators while they brought fresh bouquets for editors’ and publishers’ desks.

…“When a client wanted to go to get Japanese, you used to say, ‘Ooooh! We’ll go to Nobu!’ But it’s so outrageously expensive, now you have to think twice.”

…they would order takeout from Balthazar several times a week. Sandwiches, cheese plates, the works

…“I just found out today that we are on our last batch of Poland Spring,” said the source. “We won’t have any more after this. We have to start drinking tap water.”

via  The New York Observer.

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  1. *yawns*

    tell me something I don’t already know
    it’s no wonder that sales are down and ad revenue down at quite a few magazines and newspapers, with a snore of an article like this I wonder how the business even exists at all

    tell me something I don’t already know
    wow me with a good read about something worth reading about

  2. No, no. This is all about spin. They’re not cutting back, they’re going green. No flowers means they’re preserving the meadows for little children to enjoy. No sushi — the world Tuna population has been saved. No Poland Spring water — do you realize the crap in those plastic bottles will kill us all?

    Conde Nast could get some environmental awards for this. Sure the gilded age is over — but the green age has begun.

  3. Nobu is vastly overrated (awfully mediocre sushi) and Poland spring is maybe the most awful water I’ve ever tasted. And these people are supposed to have taste???

      • Donnar Party

        @Max, both of you are smoking crack. Nobu is great, but really not for Sushi. The tastings menu is frickin’ awesome. The sushi is good, not amazing, not as good as this place on Ave. A I hit a few times a week. And yes, Morimoto is better.

        Poland Springs fizzy is awesome.

        • @Donnar Party, what’s the name of the one on ave A?
          I just went there 4 sushi and i didn’t like it, didn’t have any cooked food(nobu).
          Poland Springs fizzy is ok, perrier is more my taste.

        • @Donnar Party,
          I know Nobu’s not known for sushi but you’d still expect at least decent quality. The one time I had sushi at Nobu I didn’t even finish it because it was so bad. That was in London, though.
          The other dishes are nice but not spectacular. There are other equally “fancy” places with lower prices and better quality.

          Only had Poland Spring once or twice and could not bring myself to drink the whole bottle. And we’re talking about water here!
          Besides, it’s called Poland Spring and doesn’t even come from a spring.

          • Donnar Party

            @j., Oh, the Nobu in London. No surprise.

            I drink Brooklyn tap most of time, but the Poland Springs fizzy is just fine. I’m not saying I choose it over Pelagrino or other mineral waters, but as far as a Bodega stop, its fine by me.

            Best sushi I’ve ever had in my life was in LA in 1984. It was my first time (blush) and I was 9 or 10. It was a place with no name that was so expensive only Japanese businessmen and music/movie types (my parents) could eat there. It was actually Nobu’s first foray into the US. I guess he was keeping it real. I haven’t had sushi that good since.

  4. “At the salad bar, you’re allowed one protein and generally they have five proteins listed,” said this source. “But the only proteins they have now are tofu and chicken! There’s no shrimp! I don’t think there’s any more shrimp there.”

    “But then in December, a few months after Condé Nast ordered publishers and editors to cut 5 percent from their budgets, the drink supply emptied out. That Fiji water turned into Poland Spring. Worse, instead of the fridge, the water bottles were stowed in a warm closet.”

    Goddamn. I was just at a homeless shelter this morning, where the line was 200-deep with people desperate for a bowl of cereal or a PB&J. This makes me numb. Refocus your priorities.


    being a younger photographer, sometimes I am thankful that I wasn’t around for the better days, since I don’t miss them as a result.

  6. I agree with you Jake. Priorities, people! Hmmm, fancy lunch or an income…is that really a decision? Suck it up and understand that losing your perks means that you have a job and can pay your rent!

  7. My heart bleeds.

    This is divine retribution for making so many photographers sign their hideous contracts for a pittance.

    Instant Karma’s gonna get you…