“Yes, the home-page story about the Hudson crash might get more clicks than some uniquely incisive analysis of the economy. But it also makes the home page more of a commodity and less of a brand. Paradoxical but true: It’s possible to post stories that make people who come to a web site more likely to click, yet may make them less likely to come back to the site, and certainly less likely to pay for it.”

via The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan.

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  1. The Hudson crash is a big story, and we need to be on top of it. All media. So, it might not be the best story, or even the one that is likely to draw back people to a website, but it IS something that people are searching, hoping to get more information on. Everyone is talking about it. Pictures are surfacing as well, just think of the things people could be saying with all the photos out there of the crash. I even found a video about the crash and the new flight regulations that people wanted to enact at newsy.com. The video was pretty interesting, as were some of the articles that I searched on the topic. Everyone needs something to bring people in; maybe this is it for your site. If you want you can check out the video, it was pretty interesting to see what was being said.

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