Print folks have lost confidence in their printed product

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It is not the first time that I say print is not dying, just the folks who owns it are committing suicide. I firmly believe that our salvation is going to be in ensuring that each and every product, we media people produce, must be necessary and sufficient.

via  Mr. Magazine.

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  1. if you read his logic then publishers actually have to double the content in order to service both website and print products, if both are to be “sufficient.”

    I agree sort of but can’t see this happening. Pick one maybe and do it well.

  2. From my experience in the print world the main problem is the old rich white guys called publishers who are far out of touch from what is going on with their own product and what needs to happen.
    The people doing all the work know what needs to happen and what is going on. They don’t get to sit back and make decisions based on numbers and get huge bonuses. They do it for the love of it.

  3. I think Brian is right: I see SOOO many magazines missing great opportunities right now because they not only have no idea what to do with online, but don’t even know what to do with their print vehicle!

    From my perspective, a print magazine can really thrive right now if the owner knows how to balance newsstand efforts with the new online world. And it really IS new…

    But, it’s hard for print guys in a business that hasn’t changed much in 50 years to embrace a business that’s changing every 50 days.