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  1. I’m off to Old Navy. Sale items only.

  2. The last moment in the trailer is priceless.

  3. About as useless an industry, needless magazine, narcisstic, Jewess bitch as it can get. Please. Spend you time on real people that truely matter in life. Like teachers, doctors, factory builders, soldiers.

    Another feature on empty, rancid pukes like this is about as necessary as wetback illegals.


      • Thomas,
        As a professional photographer do you really want to applaud a comment that includes the terms “jewess Bitch” and “wetback illegals” I know I wouldn’t…
        Not a good move.

        @Thomas Pickard,

        • @anoon, Do i agree with ‘Jewess bitch’.

          No, I don’t.

          What I applaud is Jim’s comment on ‘spend time on real people that truely matter in life….’

          What has been said, has been said. Read into what you will.

          • @Thomas Pickard,….but you are fine with “wetback”….?

            • @RP, Truth be told, I mis-read ‘wetback illegals’ – coming from Australia / New Zealand, this is not a term common to our daily vocabulary. Google educated me on the definition of that and no, I am not okay with it.

              In fact, the only part of the original post that I was okay with was this exact line – which for some stupid reason leapt out at me more than the rest of the post:

              “Spend you time on real people that truely matter in life. Like teachers, doctors, factory builders, soldiers.”

              People that know me and work with me, know my character and it is not racially orientated. Having said that, I did ‘applaud’ a comment that did have racial overtones in it. I would like to apologize to anyone this may have offended. It was not the intention of my original comment.

      • @Thomas Pickard,
        I don’t think anyone has to worry to much about what Mr.Pickard has to offer as an opinion. Obviously his years of experience, high caliber work, and amazing client list show case his relevance to the fashion industry.
        I guess his comments mean, no one should make a film about what they, as a film maker, may find interesting. Rather, all films should be about the warm, fuzzy, touching stories.
        Maybe like a photo documentary about the maldives or pictures of rich folks at resorts.

        • @Blue, haha
          Rich folks at resorts….

    • “Jim Nasium” (cute pseudonym ) must live in constant fear that no one ever finds out who he really is.

  4. I honestly cannot wait. I find her fascinating. If she is nothing more than fun to watch, that is fine by me.

  5. I want to see it, I have pretty much no interest in Fashion, but it looks like a great character study of a powerful woman. I really enjoy any kind of behind the scenes look at anything I love finding out what goes into something that’s half the reason I take pictures.

  6. She isn’t a bitch, she is a woman doing exactly what is necessary to maintain a magazine with exacting standards.

    As for the industry (in which I take no personal interest); it employs millions of people around the world, and sits firmly aside art and design in its importance to both intellectual and aesthetic discourse.

    I am a politics major and former soldier, and understand that giving ones’ life to your country, or dedicating it to raising a family may seem more ‘worthy’ an enterprise, but I can assure you that they are no less or more important to our systems of government, our economies, and our development as the so called ‘useless’ industry.


    Melbourne, Australia

  7. Whoa – at first I thought it was a trailer for “The Devil Wears Prada 2.” ;-)

    • @Michael Seto,

      Basically, you are correct – it is the “prequel” to “The Devil …”

      That book was based on Anna, but fictionalized of course.

      The success of the book and movie is probably what brought about the execution (certainly not the idea) for this movie.

      All FWIW. But you may already know all that?

      I have very mixed feelings about fashion. Mostly based on the younger models that I see who aspire to be part of that “meat market”, and are well abused by both pro’s and posers along the way. Some tough lessons.

      But then I have a degree in philosophy (as well as photography) and can never just relax and enjoy blood sport. ;>)


  8. Forget Jim Nasium – he doesn’t deserve your time.

    This is, no doubt, going to be an important film to see if you’re any sort of professional photographer. I’d go so far as to say it’s probably “required viewing” for anyone in the pro photo industry.

    Based on what I know about Anna Wintour, there are going to be some valuable insights as to what goes on before and after you’re hired for a magazine job of any size…

  9. looks fun to watch, the characters in fashion are fantastic. just look at Bruno! ;-)

  10. everyone says she’s such a b**ch, but really, i didn’t hear her say anything that was inappropriate or rude or spitefully bitter, which last time i checked was the definition of b**ch. it’s maddening that the definition seems to have warped into meaning “powerful female that knows what she’s talking about”.

    she’s just doing her job – basically QA or quality control. what’s wrong with prodding your editors to make sure what’s going in the magazine is top notch, well-considered, forward thinking, and of the highest level? perhaps we would think better of her if she used more passive language, timid delivery, and circuitous phrasing? or if she were a man?

    whoever edited the trailer seems bent on manipulating anna’s critiques so that they seem overly harsh and that she’s all negative. but her comments seemed to make sense to me – the way that model was standing did make her look pregnant, and she seemed almost professorial at the end when grilling the women about their choice.

    yes, she may have gotten the job through nepotism but i can’t see how one could grow and maintain such a powerful position with mediocrity.

  11. Anna has good, conservative taste in clothes, art and photography. American Vogue under Anna has become the stalwart American fashion magazine of record. The problem of course is that it is the most boring of all fashion magazines. Its tasteful, and all three of the shooters Anna uses produce predictable, quality images that bore anyone under 50. American Vogue is literaly a fashion source book for for conservative, tasteful women, which is the brief of a fashion magazine from the 1960’s. Vogue never followed the trends of its sister international publications, never went cutting edge. As a fashion shooter, no AD/CD/PE has ever taped up an editorial spread from American Vogue as part of a mood board. That was all a long way of saying that American Vogue is a good fashion magazine but a boring magazine for photographers.

  12. @Donnar Party:
    that sums it up pretty well

  13. Too bad 80% of Vogues printed and distributed stay on the shelves and never get sold.

    What a waste of money and resources.
    Like many other fashion magazines they will eventually become catalogues that come out quarterly and go online as a blog.

  14. im going to see this in manhattan next week

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