The Daily Show Checks Out The New York Times

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  1. Bittersweet for my friends that are on the hunt for a new job and they are all pushing 50. If the Orlando Magic were not in the NBA finals, the Orlando Sentinel would not be thick enough to line my bird cage.

  2. Funny, but for me a little too much mean-spirited glee at the demise of something a lot of people loved and used for a long, long time.

    • @ESW, that’s the way of the world. evolve or die!

      whose fault is it that the ny times and other newspapers didn’t have the forethought to grasp technology and keep up during these changing times? interesting, that even now, Keller continues to defend the old way of doing things instead of acknowledging that newspapers have to find better ways to serve readers’ desire for on demand news content.

  3. You’re right. I’m gonna go punch an old lady in the face now, and then run away giggling.

  4. I always marvel at what the interview prep must be for them to work up that kind of conversation. They really walked themselves into some corners there.

  5. Though…. as was so ably pointed out, you will not see a Drudge or Huffington post bureau in Baghdad.
    What will happen when all of the actual news gathering/reporting ceases? When there are no more professionally-confirmed first-hand accounts (when there is no more actual journalism) what, of any actual value, will Huff. et al be able to produce.