UPDATE: A couple posts from reviewer Elizabeth Avedon: http://elizabethavedon.blogspot.com/

Review Santa Fe just wrapped up and I talked to one person who said there was some amazing photography on display. Hiroyo Kaneko of San Francisco, won the Santa Fe prize (here). I think only Emily Shur was blogging about it (here) and it looks like she will have a recap shortly and she has a great recap. Honestly, if I were them I would take any bloggers from the qualified pool, waive their fees and pay for travel and hotel; if they agreed to write a short post each day and then recap the whole event. It’s the same as taking out advertising on websites and in magazines.

Again this year they have all the entrants work up on a site (here) which is so great for the reviewers. I can tell you that many times, several years after I’d done reviews, I was scratching my head trying to track down a photographer I thought would be worth considering for a project.


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  1. It was an amazing event. (Free for bloggers would have been fantastic, to say the least…) I’ll be writing about it soon (I didn’t blog from the road because I’m a Luddite and don’t have an iPhone or a laptop–strange I know!) I’ll be updating my blog Tethered asap with posts about my experience. It really was a great place to be these last four days.

  2. As a participating photographer, I can’t say enough about how well the event was run. The opportunity to meet with peers and experts from across the Globe at such a critical time… it was beyond cool. Kudos to Laura and the crew at Center for such great work.

  3. Was up for the viewing on Friday night. Honestly, it was overly crowded and difficult to look at work. Lots of bumping and shoving, not a lot of chance to think and stare, and extremely noisy in the big shed that housed the show.
    I’m also not convinced it’s possible to clearly see and think about 100 photos (the rough average) from 100 photographers in two hours.
    But, all bitching aside, there was some amazing work, in a concentration I’ve never previously imagined.
    Plus, it was free! Whoo-hoo!

    • @JFern, I do have to agree that that was the weakest part of the Review experience for me as a reviewee.

    • @Deborah Hamon,
      Sweet, thanks for writing about it and dropping a link.

  4. I wish it would have been free for bloggers! Then I would not have had to turn down my invite due to lack of funds! Looks like some great work and I must say, I am a little jealous I didn’t get to come out there!

  5. Thanks for the link, Rob. You inspired me to sit down and write!

  6. To Emily Shur:

    Your blog notes about Santa Fe are very interesting, especially Thought #1/3, which seems to address walking the line between commercial work and personal/fineart work. I’d like to see that topic explored more. You don’t hear that much about it, and the dance seems delicate. Maybe you could let things fall back to earth, and write more about it in a few weeks.

    Separate from Emily’s notes, the Elizabeth Avedon blog that Rob updated to is also a very good read.

    Makes me almost wish there were grandstands at the Santa Fe event, where you just could go and attend, and look at all the beautiful work.

  7. hey rob, was good to see you on monday,

    the review was a fantastic experience.. very well run and a very educational experience for me.

    I spent some time writing about my favorite works on my site: stephengelbphotographer.blogspot.com

  8. It seems Review Santa Fe has upped the ante with people like Ben Lowy and Jeff Hutchens attending. I was there in both 2004 and 2008 and I don’t remember there being such high level photojournalist talent. I am impressed. I somehow thought that photographers of Lowy or Hutchens’ level didn’t really need to attend review events as in they already personally knew the right people in the industry.

  9. I posted a comment last night but I don’t think it went through so I’ll try again–wanted to let you know that I’ve now posted my first entry on my experience at Review Santa Fe, and will be doing a series of write-ups in the days to come. See http://tinyurl.com/nlxqws for part one.


  10. I was there as a reviewer representing my little magazine (http://www.fractionmag.com/) and found the work and the people to be amazing. I had a wonderful time meeting the people behind the work that I like. I met Elizabeth Fleming, Brad Moore, Dave Jordano, Kevin Miyazaki, and Melissa Kaseman.
    I posted a list of the artists I reviewed on the Fraction blog. Have a look and you will see just how great the work was.

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