“Photography tends to show, to describe much more than it can explain”

Also, check out this story (here) on Snag Films, the company that’s distributing the film for free online. They’re trying to help documentary filmmakers reach a broader audience.

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  1. “There are no video aviable at this time, check back later”
    Am I the only one ?

  2. I saw a documentary on Eggleston on Netflix. Free with your subscript. FYI

  3. Available in the US and Canada only it seems.

  4. Wow. This was a treat. Eggleston is a rockstar as far as I’m concerned.

  5. Love this doc.

    Esp. the alcohol induced discourse and of course watching Eggleston use his craft.


  6. “There are no video available at this time. Please check back later”

    I’m also getting this.
    Please fix it as I’d love to see Mr Ecclestone!!


  7. It’s extremely interesting to see how the artists that you admire live and work… This is a very cool glimpse of an artist who’s work is difficult to put words to and we find out why from his mouth. Definitely recommend this to any photog!

  8. i bought this doc a while back and really love watchin one of my favorite photographers work, but the film itself is almost too haphazard and i kinda wish the filmmaker wasnt so much a part of the film. but alas, it seems a worthy cost to watch eggleston do his thing

  9. an absolute must see for any photographer!!

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