It looks like CBS is realizing that people can’t navigate all that gray and they’ve decided to add more pictures in their latest redesign. It may be baby steps but at least we know they’re headed in the right direction. Let’s see if this becomes the redesign trend of the summer. I’m hopeful.

“We had a few key goals with this redesign — make the site easier to navigate, more visual, faster and highlight our unique content.”


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  1. Big whoop, it just looks like a joomla site that anyone can download and customize. At least they are trying…

  2. Clear, not new but easy to understand, the picture fit into the grid and give a great order to the page. Titles color give the last touch. I did not read the articles but it seems that they have think about usability.

  3. Since one of my goals is world visual domination the 60 Minutes site should be thrilling. And in a way, all those photos squeezing out words? Just lovely. The editors get A for visual variety but still a lot of round heads blankly starting at me. Editing images to look great when played the size of a peanut is tough. Next industry challenge: make those tiny boxes more than picture placeholders. That could be an entire conference seminar: How to fill 200 pixels with a big photo the means something.

  4. @Mike

    This is just Joomla, you say? Could it be just Drupal, also?

    Is the site really easy enough for “anyone [to] download and customize.”

    Just curious, if so, point me in the right direction for doing a site like this myself.

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