The Griffin Museum of Photography in Boston has their Focus Awards tonight and they’re giving APE the Rising Star award. I’m incredibly honored that they would recognize this blog and just want to say thanks to all the readers, especially the people who take the time to leave a thoughtful comment on a post. It’s been an education for me and it’s really what makes this blog great. Thanks.

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  1. Congratulations! Thank you for creating a forum that discusses and educates issues, ideas and concerns about the industry we all love so much.

  2. Congratulations (: I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts, and find your blog incredibly useful and inspiring as a student!

  3. Congratulations! You deserve it for all the hard work you have done here! I look forward to reading many more great posts from you on this blog!

  4. Congratulations!!!!! You definitely deserve it. Your daily info is so informative and appreciated by so many readers!!

  5. well deserved, congrats!

  6. congrats, rob! well deserved. thanks for creating this place.

  7. Congrats, sire. Outstanding stuff.

  8. Awesome… much deserved! Thank you for making a forum that helps us learn about this industry and grow as professionals!

  9. Congratulations! A well-deserved honor for sure!!

  10. Nice job, Rob! You deserve a lot of credit for enlivening the conversation about the photo industry. It’s especially useful to hear from a (recent) photo editor’s perspective. And not only that, you’ve shown your passion for excellent magazine content and photography. It’s nice for photographers to be reminded that photo editors can be very thoughtful about their decision-making process.

  11. A well deserved honor. Your passion and hard work is all here for us to learn.
    Thank you and Congratulations!

  12. Good on someone recognizing you and what you’ve done here. Rising Star is an understatement.

  13. Congratulations, Rob; you’ve created a great forum and a great resource!

  14. i watch you all over. but not in a stalker kinda way. thanks for keeping us informed.

  15. Congrats !!

    Even though I don’t agree with EVERYTHING you say/post – or HOW you say/post it – I do think this is one of the best photo blogs I’ve come across … Well done.

  16. “especially the people who take the time to leave a thoughtful comment on a post” errr well I guess that leaves me out, congrats anyway! ;)

  17. Congrats, Rob. Also very cool that they are recognizing a photo blog as being important. Enter the modern era of photography!

  18. Congratulations Rob! You’ve become a news gathering, thought provoking, pot stirring voice in the industry…keep up the good work!

  19. YEA! we missed you at photolucida – Congrats!!!

  20. BRAVO BRAVO ROB!! We are VERY PROUD of you and this is a well deserve award. Just make sure they don’t make you wear any black tie :)

    And it is us who need to say THANK YOU for been our RISING STAR.

    And for many reasons such as:

    1. Speaking clearly and openly so photographers and Director of Photography/AD/Art Buyers can have a much better understanding of each other and what is like to be on the other side instead of saying a meaningless and heartless ”I will call you soon…”

    2. Speaking clearly so photographers know the obstacles facing our industry and ways to make it better.

    3. Speaking out and connecting, the many photographers out there who don’t have a link or direct access, to a DOP/AD and to show them that all it takes is for them to give ANY TALENTED photographer a chance to shine and a chance to collaborated on making great art. The pie is plenty and more than one or two can share it. Surely someone also gave them that chance too?

    4. Speaking out as to why great photography is important for a magazine to be successful and the main showcase for attracting readers and advertising money.

    5. Speaking out for fair fees for photographers which almost has been the same for over 20 years while the bleeding and attrition of our rights continues.

    So Rob, personally thanks for been a voice of wisdom and fairness and for listening and for showing us RESPECT.

    You are a mold as to how all photo editors and Art Directors should be where the only requirement is ‘IF YOU GOT GAME, CHARACTER AND PERSONALITY YOU WILL WORK.”

    Manuello Paganelli
    Los Angeles California

  21. Congrats Rob you totally deserve it.

  22. Well Done Rob.
    You have created a forum that is unique and so insightful.
    It is well deserved on your part.

  23. Congrats! from a long time lurker. I just want to say that this blog has made it to my bookmark bar and I check it all the time, and it never fails to be informative and inspiring.

  24. Yay Rob! Well deserved. This is the only site I know where the comments can change my opinions back and forth from one to the next. Takes something special to spark that quality of debate.

  25. congrats. good for you. its a great gallery. i would like to thank you for the blog and all the info you provide.

  26. glad to see you getting a pat on the back, Rob! ’tis well deserved. your blog is one of enlightenment & entertainment. nice of you to share the kudos with your readers and commenters.

  27. Congratulations Rob! I think you should have gotten a Webby too.

  28. Congratulations. I found your blog/resource few months ago and subscribed to your posts. The posts and the comments are very interesting and informative, even for a photographer from Europe. Hope the award gives you a good boost to keep up the good work. Because maintaining a blog takes time and energy. Best regards.

  29. Congrats Sir Rob. You are the man!

    The name is Haggart, Rob Haggart.

  30. Great job Rob – and congrats on the award – Hope you can keep up with keeping us all informed.

  31. rock on man… good job!

    but considering I don’t leave “thoughtful comments” and predominantly just add tongue-in-cheek and/or sarcastic remarks that help no one, I only feel half-thanked.

  32. Congrats! You deserve it. Your blog is great! Living in NZ, so far away, you keep me in touch with the industry in the US and it is much appreciated. Thank you!

  33. Right ON, Rob!

    Now there’s gonna be a whole bunch of newbies on here with that accent…

  34. Rob,

    Congratulations! They chose well.

    It is always a pleasure to read your commentary on the industry. Your direct and plain spoken defense of great photography and great content has come through as refreshing and ringing true. The trends in the industry are only continuing to demonstrate that your calls for better and better content are the future hope of the industry… as new business models emerge to support it.

    Keep kicking ass!

  35. Congrats Rob.

    Thank you for creating such a unique space on the internet, with such rich and diverse content.

  36. A well deserved honor. Your blog continues to be an incredible resource. One of my daily must-reads.


  37. Congrats! you are definitely the first place I come for insight into the photography industry!

  38. Excellent! Your blog is the first place I visit every morning.

  39. It was great meeting you at the Griffin! Thanks for your incredible contribution, faith and optimism for the future of Photography!

    Ted Dillard
    (“newbie with accent”)

  40. Well Done! I can’t remember how I came across your blog but as a photographer I find it fascinating and useful and check it out on a daily basis. Keep up the good work!

  41. Kudos to you Rob,

    Your blog has been really wonderful. You are a hero for us and for photography in general. Score one for the good guys!


  42. Congrats!

  43. Rob,
    You have done an outstanding job as a reporter and advocate for the photography industry. You have spent thousands of hours keeping track of what’s going on. You deserve more awards and recognition!

    Monica Suder, Creative Coach and Consultant to the Photographic Community

  44. Killer and kudos to you! Keep the good stuff coming…

  45. Congratulations on the well deserved acknowledgment for your always interesting, informative and relevant blog.

  46. Congratulations Rob! Completely well deserved. Thank you for all of your generous insights.

  47. Congratulations Rob… I enjoy the read..

  48. Congratulations Rob you deserve it! This blog is of the first order.

  49. Rob,

    First of all, heartfelt congratulations! Very well done and deserved! I have greatly enjoyed hearing from the community of photographers who chime in, adding insightful, snarky, articulate, idiotic, heartfelt, spiteful and mostly valuable commentary on the state of our shared profession and this rather “dynamic” time we live in.

    I hope you have had a moment to reflect on the value of what you have created. Your blog is a site to check in on common interests, news and introduced me to many other photographers work that I might not otherwise see. For some of us, who are on the road a lot, working on projects, it is easy to lose touch with what is happening in the profession and other photographers. Your site and others that I enjoy are a places to “check in”, and hear other voices and opinions. Often I am inspired, fired up, irritated or more importantly, compelled to engage my own thoughts in relation to others. Introspection, and cohesive thought processes, often under-appreciated activities. Apply that to photography and maybe things will turn around a little quicker.

    Congrats and way to go!

  50. Congratulations, well deserved, one of my top three favorite blogs ever.

  51. Congrats from Savannah College of Art and Design I read this blog every day!

  52. congratulations! so well deserved. your website is one of ten on my bookmarks bar, and i check it every day. you and your readers have given me much to think about and learn. thank you! continued great success.

  53. Well deserved. Congratulations. I am an avid reader. More power and thanks for your valuable insights. TNTD.

  54. Best photography website/blog by far
    An award was way overdue!!
    Many more will come, no doubt

  55. Congratulations from Munich as well…I love this blog and you deserve the award!

  56. It’s truly inspiring that a blog is recognised on behalf of one’s fraternity. I only bookmarked you a few months ago but I now check regularly so informative is it – and I notice that colleagues have you on their blogroll too.

    Keep up the good work – we all need a decent crack of the whip to keep up with the pack!


    Richard Baker, London.

  57. Congrats Rob. You deserve it. Always a great source of information and inspiration. Keep it up, please!

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