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  1. “PhotoShelter provides the first comprehensive guide to getting photography listed on search engines”

    Errrr … not true.

    • @Erik Dungan,

      Not arguing, but I’m interested if you could provide some links or something.


      • @Allen Lee Taylor,

        I produced a dvd on seo for photographers over a year ago. Granted, it was aimed at the wedding/portrait crowd and wasn’t free–but the information is fairly universal for all photogs.

        Sorry, I was initially put off by the claim, but really have no reason to be. I had a chance to look at their toolkit and it has a lot of good information.

  2. Good grief! Some people will find something wrong with free popcorn! LOL

  3. John Harrington has written about SEO on his web site – Photo Business News.

    I think the PhotoShelter e-booklet is fantastic and I spent two hours tweaking my PhotoShelter site to get it up to snuff.

    Now I have to work on my site with Rob and make sure it is HTML mirrored and SEO friendly.

  4. You WON’T be disappointed. I’ve had my site with APF for sometime now and have to say it’s got one of the best cross platform designs out there! Colleagues with LB or other flash based sites still drool over my site as it appears in HTML and iPhone versions without a glitch!

    As an aside, I too have spent a heap of time working my SEO as it pertains to keywording and the like…it seems as though the site is ever changing and will now be one of my weekly tweaks as it is the door people use to get to me.


  5. funny how everyone is just now getting into SEO, only a few years off.

    i can’t wait until photoshelter gives us a tour of a new thing called RAW format ;)


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