The American Craftsmen Project

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This personal project shot by Tadd Myers seems pitch perfect for the economy right now. Photographs of people who make things one at a time by hand (visit here).

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  1. … I’ve said all along that the ‘crisis’ in North America really isn’t about the ‘money’, it’s about ‘labour’.

    After working as a professional fine furniture designer/maker for 15 odd years I know first hand (weak pun intended) how little ‘respect’ is given to ANYONE who THINKS with their hands to MAKE things.

    There is just no ‘respect’ for ‘labourers’ now cuz everyone gets things made in Asia by ‘cheap labour’ … The difference is recognizing that there IS a genuine difference between UNSKILLED and SKILLED labour.

    Unskilled labour is NOT worth $50-75 per hour in North America as many unions claim. Skilled labour IS.

  2. Feels good to see this project…not only for the subject but for the meaning of the subject…often I feel that as a society we have turned our gaze towards the quantitative as opposed to the qualitative, we have traded patience for impulse and immediacy and turned away from the timelessness of real craftsmanship. It is no coincidence that they are all Texas craftsmen, there’s something in the water. Serves as a reminder of what is important.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. not sure why this story hasn’t received more comment love. it’s beautifully done & thematically poignant, revealing Tadd as just as much a craftsman as his subjects.

    as a Dallas photographer, i’m stoked to see i haven’t missed the opening. i am really looking forward to the 16th.

  4. Shane Kislack

    Hey Trey,

    I helped produce this project and assisted Tadd on the shoots. Hope to see you at the opening.

    I think a lot of people don’t realize you can comment on these side bar stories.