To Be Truly Great

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To be truly great, we have to understand the motivation of our clients, maintain constant two-way communication with shockingly uncreative people, get a firm handle on copywriting and how that craft exists symbiotically with the visual element, and foresee how the finished whole will be greater than the sum of the bits and pieces we spent hours obsessing over. All of these factors cascade into the final product. — Kevin Potts

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  1. Absolutely. This is level to which we should aspire in all our work. When meeting with musicians, I have listened to their music and spoken to them to get a feel for their personalities. When meeting with corporate executives, I find out their passion in what they do for their companies. When doing advertising intended shoots, I learn as much as I can about the campaign, company, and the creatives driving those ideas. The more we connect with our work, then the better the results.