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In the summer of 1972 I was still living in Vietnam. I was freelancing in what might have been referred to as the good ole days. Many magazines, not so many photographers, and if you found an editor who liked you, there were lots of possibilities for work.

I will never forget the moment when Nick [Ut] came out of the darkroom, holding that picture for the first time, a wet 5×7 print, in his hands. Ours were the first eyes to see it.

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  1. A most heartwarming post note to the Nick [Ut] photograph of the Vietnamese girl. This young girl in the image, has been re-photographed as an adult. A beautiful portrait of her, in an affectionate moment, as mother with her own child. Bravely revealing her healed burn scars, while child is cradled in her arms. It is a sweet photograph relating a different more joyful story about her life now.

    I believe it was part of a larger, featured hanging exhibit in NYC Grand Central Station Terminal organized by PQ Blackwell.

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