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  1. I think there’s an implied second part of what Mr. Kaushik has said that will be missed by many magazines – in order to have customers you need content that is worth reading. I’m sick of paying good money for a mag subscription that has evolved into 70 pages of ads and 5 pages of fluff crap content. I mean even the ones I subscribed to for the pretty pictures aren’t publishing pretty pictures anymore….

    • @Johnny, A couple of weeks ago I met with a client to discuss a project and she starting asking me about another project I was doing. I told her that I’d planned to shop it to 2 magazines when I finished. She went to her coffee table, grabbed one of the magazines I’d mentioned and went into a piss fit about how there’s nothing in it worth reading any more.

      It’s not just photographers and the artistic community who complain about the lack of content in today’s publications. The public is no longer interested as well.

  2. It’s funny, magazine were long seen as the ultimate marketing/targeting vehicle (or so I was told in design school). Want to talk to guys who buy big boats? Advertise in ‘Big Boat’ Magazine. Duh, right?

    I personally get all of my content online, but I still love to peruse the magazine isle for free reads.

  3. More and more I regret buying a magazine, as the content seems to diminish each issue, and what content that remains is not far removed from being an infomercial.

  4. I couldn’t agree more. It has been literally years since I bought a magazine and, when browsing them in the library, haven’t been incented to purchase anything I’ve seen.

    I can see better images online daily without any effort, the ‘tips’ are juvenile almost silly crap and I don’t want to pay for ads I won’t read.

    It seems obvious that magazines are appealing only to a more and more ‘beginner’ class of photographers.

    It does seem incongruous, however, that these beginners are often saddled with very expensive gear where the learning curve is very steep. I am giving PS lessons to an absolute beginner who has both a D700 and a D300 and a set of Nikon gold ring lenses. (He bought PS in anticipation of taking lessons, he was using Picasa before.)

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