Secret Hopes Of Becoming An Artbro Star

Changing my life plans from wanting to be a teacher with the secret hopes of becoming an artbro star to really wanting to become a teacher and participating in creating art as a side hobby whenever I feel like it. My new ideas on how I’ll be distributing my work will make “living off my art” and continuing my chic bohemian lifestyle an unrealistic feat.

I’ve been feeling a lil down about how disconnected art is from actual change in other people’s lives. Not wanting to pursue being an art star takes some really great burdens off me…

via Brad Troemel.

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  1. I hate to come-off all Polyanish… but what ever happened to simply pursuing “happiness” does being an “art star” change anything really? Its natural and a good thing that we all aspire to things but who gives a shit (?) is Damian Hirst sitting around thinking wow i’ve got millions I can just do whatever; well yes probably ;) I’m 37 soon and really age is a number and just got into photography a couple years ago – love the process, or whatever… If i would have gotten into picture taking in the early 90’s i’m sure it would have been guaranteed crap now its at least more of a cow-patty!!! So what ever mistakes or paths i took in life I’m grateful for… My humble advice (but last year i did take a Positive Psych course from Harvard Ext. and I have stayed at a Good Night Inn or whatever) just do whatever gets your wee-wee off (because life is short and then we die) work hard and stop watching Dan Rather or whomever on the boob-tube; i don’t know humm maybe thats a turn-on to some people :)


  2. What really is your strongest desire ?
    Since you were a kid you loved teaching others whatever skills you acquired before other kids your age could perform the same skills.Do you think that by teaching you somehow automatically become part of the establishment and betray your duty to be honest and creative?I don’t understand the Photography Fine Art world but I do know that great teachers constantly learn from their students and continue to grow themselves. Teach and create photographic art. Most importantly continue to find ways to motivate yourself and be passionate about your work.