POYi Announced their Magazine Photographer of the year on Friday. You can see the other winners (here) and still more to come as the finish the judging process. You can actually watch and hear the judging live (link on the front page) which is an education in itself.

First Place goes to Uriel Sinai of Getty Images
“Cyclone Narcisse in Burma”
“Congo Unrest”
“Gaza Israel Conflict in 2008”
“War in Georgia”
“Post-Election Violence in Kenya”

Second Place goes to Anthony Suau of Freelance / TIME Magazine
“U.S. Economy in Crisis”
“U.S. / Mexican Border”
“Culiacan – Mexican Drug War”

Third Place goes to David Burnett of Contact Press Images

Images Currently Being Posted 3/2
“2008 Beijing Olympics”
“Las Vegas Boom and Bust”
“Hillary Clinton for President”
“Senator John McCain, Republican Presidential Candidate”
“Barack Obama”

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  1. Would be nice if they credited the photographers next to the winning images…

  2. Congratulations to Uriel Sinai from Getty Images! Even in this tough economic climate, it’s great to see companies pushing forward rather than backing into their shell. Getty has been active with the recent acquisition of Redferns music archive and fantasic new partnerships with BuzzFoto and Brian Duffy. Keep up the good work!

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