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The only difference between artists making money and artists not making money is that the first group is better at business.

Do you want to know why there are so many crappy films in the world? Because there are so many great networkers who want to direct.

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  1. Most artist are born with talent in them. Which, sometimes by the great works they accomplished, either inspire or pretended by non-artist (or s so-so artist). That’s why you see tons of horrible creatives by these art/money making people.

    The funny thing is, I became one of them for a while. The phsychological of business changes creativity. It absolutely did for me.

    I left my company a month ago so I can dive back into that creative pool but now finding really harsh water to swim in (getting contract work). So maybe I should down grade my creativity and pitch myself as money maker. Than I can continue my real work on the side? or don’t compromise at all and drown?

    It’s a personal choice. People have accepted mediocrity but I see things coming around slowly.

  2. I have always said that at mediocre photographer with a great business/marketing plan will out earn the best photographer in the world with no business/marketing plan. Sad but true. You can not just “build it and they will come.” I wish being good or even great was enough. You have to build the whole machine for it to work, not just the fun/cool part. You need the networking and marketing to show up on the radar. I also think that the networking may be the best reason to go to an art school for photography. A BIG art school. The idea is you should get to know as many people as possible, network with them, remembers them and keep in touch with them after school. The truth is that most of them will not become photographers or artists or illustrators but many will start out as assistant photo editors, assistant creative directors, assistant art directors, assistant art buyers, graphic designers (the largest group of artists in America according to the NEA), and so forth. Very useful.