The Salvage Of Flight 1549 by Stephen Mallon

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These salvage photos are fantastic (go here). I’m not sure if it was commissioned for someone… big mistake if it wasn’t. I’ve seen plenty of chatter about the salvage but having a professional photographer on the scene makes all the difference.



Thanks, Jonathan.

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  1. Wow. Good enough for an item on Alan Taylors’ ‘The Big Picture’.

    Were these taken on an iPhone too?!


  2. Intense pictures, but I think there´s a extreme long serie, I´ve prefer to see less pictures, they are very good; I like the details very much! very simbolic! All the best, luis

  3. Nice to finally see an aspect of this story shot with something other than a cell phone or security camera…

    These are fantastic. Especially the interiors.

  4. “………having a professional photographer on the scene makes all the difference.”

    That’s why any good photographer shouldn’t be worried about the proliferation of the citizen journalist.

    Beautiful images, especially of the fuselage making its way through town. The NY media slept on this.

  5. Thanks for sharing this site. All of the photos in Stephens’ portfolios are powerful and mesmerizing!

    Professional views. Ahhh, can we breathe?

    • @mpirrocco, – hi, it was commissioned by the crane company hence the wonderful access! after a 2 week delay, the images are back up on my site with a few exceptions and additions, check back monday for them all!