Utne Reader Video Magazine Review

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The original content aggregator, Utne Reader has a new feature where they review magazines and books in a video presentation. Cool Idea.

Found it on the Creative Review blog.

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  1. I have my doubts about the efficacy of videotaping somebody flipping through magazines and showing you the pages, but I have to admit that I’ve watched this video twice, if only because the crush I now have on Ms. Dangling Earrings reminds me vividly of the crushes I developed on various library aids and teaching assistants back at elementary school. I’d forgotten how easy it was to fall for a beautiful woman who’s good at flipping pages backwards.

  2. Umm, on my third viewing, okay, fourth, I managed to put aside my fantasies of a long, bookish life in Minneapolis with Danielle and realized I really want to check out the magazines she shows off. That design publication looks really cool. So maybe pointing a videocamera at the pages of cool mags isn’t such a bad idea after all.