The Girl Project

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The Girl Project explores the lives of American teenage girls by putting them behind the camera to document themselves. Using disposable cameras, girls 13-18 photograph their lives as only they know and understand it.

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  1. nice idea. but what are the girls getting out of this? they even have to send in the undeveloped film. do they ever see their own images? the whole flickr account is void of any credits. the actual TGP site only showcases a few images (with partly credits) and there’s a lot of “your images will be considered” in the project description. the prints are lomo-walled. and one list with all the photographers.

    to me this is just like those “hand over your images” contests held all over. someone is making herself a big name by exploiting teenagers.

  2. I bet the girls get alot out of just doing the project, sometimes it helps to look at yourself and your life…often it makes you realise how fantastic it is and how lucky you are…of course I’m an optimist…