The Greatest Pictures From 2008

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I’ve had my fill of the news oriented best pictures of the year lists so I wanted to create my own but I’m a little too lazy to do all the research (the bohemian would agree). Maybe you could give me a hand.

I’ll start off with two amazing covers. Peter Yang’s photo of Obama for Rolling Stone (here) and Platon’s cover of Willie Nelson for Texas Monthly (here). It’s so rare that a great photograph is made into a cover that these really had an impact on me.

Brent Stirton’s Gorilla killing story was one of those pieces that kept popping up everywhere and seems to win an award in every contest it was entered:

Pieter Hugo’s hyena men is another incredible subject executed perfectly by a great photographer:

Damon Winter deserves an award for breaking out of the pack of heavy political coverage this year. His Obama pictures for the NYTimes are stunning: slideshow here

Roger Ballen is of course an incredibly talented and original photographer but it was his performance/talk at the NY photo festival that had everyone buzzing.

Who else deserves recognition?

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  1. Probably the photo of the Olympic games was taken by Heinz Kluetmeier of Michael Phelps winning the 100 meter butterfly. It’s not just a pretty action photo with great light, but a historic sports photograph captured at the exact moment, with an incredible angle, all completely planned with a pinch of luck. Kluetmeier remains one of sports brilliant photographers.

  2. Platon’s photo of Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan grave and his mother Elshba Khan. It helped the American people look at Muslims in a different way, at least Colin Powell.

  3. I liked Shehzad Noorani’s set Children of Black Dust . The idea that from computers to flashlights, the batteries in these things, today, are being handled are ” recycled” by human hands, leads me question how technologically advanced we really are.

    Someone want to show these to someone at Duracell or Energizer? Not to throw something in their face but help engineers realize people open these thing around children. Can’t they build a battery filled with candy or baby formula?

  4. Jason Santos

    Mark Holthusen in San Francisco won multiple awards in 2008 as he continues to churn out eerie and thought provoking images. His album artwork for American Music Club’s latest record comes to mind first.