Erik Wåhlström shot a 1 minute video of himself thumbing through his printed portfolio (on his blog here too). He’s a talented photographer and this is a solid book so it’s a good example for those looking to put one together. I think there’s something else interesting here for photo editors because I think I might enjoy the option of previewing a book this way to decide whether or not to call it in. Regardless it’s kind of a fun way to send your work around and might snare a few people who might not otherwise look.

from Erik Wåhlström Fotograf on Vimeo.



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  1. I love seeing other photogs books. I liked the separation of the portrait/ fashion from the still life. But was kinda thrown off when it switched back to portrait at the end….

  2. This is also a testimonial of why it is important to take your photos out of plastic pages. The reflections distract from the images.

  3. I forgot that Andrew Darlow included my portfolio solution (without the plastic pages) in his “301 Inkjet Tip and Techniques” book. A preview is available at my blog.

  4. i agree the presentation is nicer without the plastic, but i wonder if it makes that much difference (all else being equal)?

    the ease of swapping out images and keeping everything pristine is tempting.

  5. Love the video, I always like seeing these… There are a couple you have posted, Rob that are really inspiring, please bring us more as you find them/are sent them.

    Just a standard question, but what size is this portfolio? I’m just ordering one now and have assumed that 12×9 for my 12×8 prints is all good…? I’m ordering from House Of Portfolios.


  6. This isn’t anything new.

    I know Reed + Rader does this every time they update their book. I think they archive them but I can only find 1. It’s linked right on the front of their website. None the less, I love the idea.

  7. This is a great idea and really nice images as well. I do think that the plastic makes it tough for viewing though. I recently switched to sleeveless pages and love the results.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  8. yeah….i’m going to have to pinch that idea.

  9. Hmmm…food for thought. I like this mix. Thanks for the posts, Rob. I feel a lot more in tune with the industry since I began reading both your and Vincent Laforet’s blog.

  10. Rob,
    what are your thoughts on the whole page cover/coverless debate? Also love to hear your thoughts on the new Blurb style portfolios people are using?

    • @Rich Fleischman,
      I’m used to seeing the plastic pages. Most of the books have them.

  11. Are you serious? You prefer to see this horrible quality video over just looking at the guys website to see if you want to call-in his book? It might be a nice gimmick but it has one life and then the gimmick is over. Everyone is so desperate to get seen with some gimmick that they forget it is about stunning photography. Lord help me if anyone has to view my images on a Zapruter-quality video. Be more creative and make a multimedia piece that tells a story!!

  12. Funny because I just saw a note from an Art Buyer where they said “this photographer takes great pictures, ignore the horrible website.”

  13. i’ve done “the same” using the fantastic ISSUU a couple of weeks ago

    i wanted to show my work to a few agencies and producers and since i was traveling that was my only option. i still intend to print it, asap, and this is a terrific example to follow.

    i find the work itself top notch and couldn’t care less about the plastic or reflections. everything is absolutely exceptional from photography to design to physical book to video.

  14. I agree with Rob…well the Art Buyer..I was stoked on his book, and then when I followed up with his website, I was disappointed. Not so much in content, but the overall package it was delivered in…get it?

  15. These are fun. I enjoyed watching them two at a time, as the one in the middle was silent. Just wish I could fit all three on my screen at once.

  16. Good idea, but the flickering light sucks.

  17. Guys, get a free or paid account in ISSUU.COM

    No need for amateur looks, shiny pages and clumsy music.

    See for example

    “Fashion and Fine Art for Advertising: Concepts and Proposals”

    Jorge Parra

  18. I’m a filmmaker and, well, if the photographers decide to join video to show their works they should try to do it in the best way possible, because the first one you showed here, well… wide angle shot, the light flickers, he pass really fast the pages.
    I mean, if you will use video as a tool to show your work it should be professional as your photographs. That’s what I think.

    See ya next time =)

  19. Glare is definitely a distraction, as is the choice of music. F. is right, there is much more to video than just moving pictures.

    Tools like this need to be effective. The novelty will wear off quickly, and then it needs to be good to retain attention. I think there will be better uses of video for stills photographers than showing a portfolio. Think outside the box, but don’t box yourself in.

  20. Here’s a slight twist on the idea,

    Using a QuickTime slideshow with short voice over to make a hi-def movie.
    I think it works rather well.
    Paul Treacy

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  22. Terrible. You may as well fax them to me.

    as art director and commissioner I have to say – DON’T make little videos. DON’T put too much money time and effort into flashy websites. GET OUT there. Knock. Call. Scream and shout. Meet people. Make friends. Concentrate on getting your work out there in more ways than the internet.

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