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Another online archive from a top photographer (here). Thanks Dude.

I remember there was a photographer who’s website I used to visit often but one day it disappeared and he told me he pulled it down so people would stop copying his work. I think those days are over now.

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  1. Raymond Meier’s photographic work is as beautiful and as frighteningly precise in execution and obsessive attention to detail and composition as the work of Irving Penn.

    As a photographer I greatly admire his use of light. Not just lighting technique, or the use of light for illumination, but more importantly of the depiction of light as an aesthetic element in its own right. He even manages to insert a very dry sense of wit into what would otherwise be very sterile photos.

    I look forward to the day that he starts working on portraits.

  2. It would be very, very difficult to copy Raymond’s work.
    He is so insanely talented, exact and singular in his vision.

  3. todd huffman

    Mr. Meier is the best of the best imo. He shoots in so many styles and techniques, yet all off the images are recognizably his. My faves are the products on location stuff.

    • scott Rex Ely

      @todd huffman, I agree with you about Mr. Meier’s still lifes, but for subject matter with a pulse, this guy is my favorite technical bad ass: Sølve Sundsbø

  4. I love the work, but the site takes decades to load…. on a fast pipe with a spanking new MacBook Pro…

    You have to be this good to get away with a site this slow, methinks

  5. Well Meier is one of my favourite photographer ever, incredible technique and a great eye, he’s been doing this for a long time.
    I think Penn is way more conceptual than him but i can see some similarity between these 2 greats.
    I agree Sølve Sundsbø and Nick Knight too are amazing and Javier Vallonrhat was a great one too and i also loved Guy Bordin.
    These are real photographers.

  6. I share all of the above sentiments about his execution and slickness – it’s faultless. But it’s all about “look” & “surface” & “product”. The ideas and concepts are a little thin. I really don’t think you can put him in a league with Irving Penn & co

  7. No i am not putting Meier in the same league with Penn, Meier is a great photographer, Penn is the history of photography.
    Penn is another level.

  8. Interesting that he would rather hide his work from people who would rip him off, than to have it online for potential clients to see. The threat of getting ripped off is always going to be there; it just seems like a strange reason to take down your site.