NPR’s All Things Considered has an interview and slideshow (here) with Bobbi Baker Burrows (daughter of Vietnam photojournalist Larry Burrows) where she talks about a few of the iconic images from Life Magazine now out in a new book Life: The Classic Collection.

Found it on Robert Benson’s blog.

Photojournalist David Burnett (Contact Press Images, New York) shows you the ups and downs of what it was REALLY like to try and photograph the Games of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.

Via, Melcher & Harrington

American Suburb x is an incredibly interesting photography blog I found via Conscientious.

Over on Publishing 2.0 (here): “Every conversation about reinventing a business model for newspapers begins, it seems, with a question about how to find a way to pay for what we value in the current product. In other words, how do we find a way to keep doing what we’ve always done and make as much money as we’ve always made?”

“I’ve rarely heard anyone start by asking what the market values. Where are the pain points in the market? How can we solve problems for people?”

“You know, business 101.”

William Eggleston at the Whitney (here) via NYMag (here): “Eggleston’s 1976 MoMA show launched his career and proved a turning point in the history of photography. Scorned at the time for being vulgar and banal, the show has since been revered for exactly those reasons.”

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  1. wow Burnett still does film
    that was real funny his moment with the Japanese photographer. man that looks so daunting to shoot such a massive event.

  2. Hell yes, speed graphic at the 2008 Olympics.

  3. That Burnett piece is great. How exciting to see him with the Speed Graphic! Every time I begin to doubt my choice of shooting film with my old Graflex cameras, I see something like this, and I’m confident in the decision again.
    Plus, that is some of the best “honest” coverage of the Olympics that I’ve seen so far.

  4. Fantastic video diary by David Burnett. What a treat!

  5. That really was great, and David seems like such a good guy. And to be shooting Holgas and a Speed Graphic! Awesome!

  6. David is a great guy and probably a great photographer
    I would say stick with photography, that video was as exciting as watching
    paint dry!!

  7. I had the chance to assist Burnett one afternoon in Minnesota in 2004. The woman’s soccer team was training here. My jaw dropped as Burnett was chasing a moving Mia Ham around with his friggin’ Speed Graphic & Holga. The day before he had been photographing Kerry & Edwards, and was on his way back to that campaign after the MN pit-stop. He told me that he had gotten back into the Speed Graphic & Holga on the campaign trail because he was bored. He was such a cool mofo. And frankly, I think the highlight for him was that we were in Blaine, MN and he got to call his daughter & sing “Nothing ever happens in Blaine” from “Waiting for Guffman” into her voicemail. Just a cool guy, and a GREAT photographer.

  8. Awesome video, I saw him a few times at the Olympics and after watching this video I wish I woulda chatted with him. Seems like a damn cool guy.


  9. Is that really Marilyn M. ??? Are you sure..?

  10. Now I’m sure. That’s Madonna circa1987

  11. Now I’m sure. That’s Madonna circa1987

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