McCain seeks special ‘fair use’ copyright rules

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“McCain’s proposal: complaints about videos uploaded by a political campaign would be manually reviewed by a human YouTube employee before any possible removal of the remix. The process for complaints against videos uploaded by millions of other Americans would stay the same: instant removal by a computer program, and then possible reinstatement a week or two later after the video sharing site has received and manually processed a formal counter-notice.”

Story on CNET (here). What’s interesting is that the writer thinks McCain and other politicians might try and revamp copyright law if they are forced to suffer through DMCA takedown notices like the rest of us. Google is taking a hard stand on this because they would like nothing better.

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  1. Funny thing that he’s butting heads with DMCA – he voted for it in 1998.

    While the DMCA does some good things, in general it is a poorly crafted law that merely serves as a band-aid over the larger problems with/facing copyright law.

    I can only hope that the next President will work with Congress and the new IP Czar to revamp copyright law so it fairly serves the copyright holder as well as the general public.

    ’78, Berne, DMCA and PRO-IP don’t really do that.