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Hilarious. http://www.weirdomatic.com/creepy-ads.html

Via, VSL.

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  1. Love those. The Ozzie-and-Harriet (all white) kids are the best part, with their Dr. Demento sinister smiles.

    It’s little known that heroin was invented in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s in Germany (which at the time had the world’s foremost organic chemical and pharmaceutical industry) as a more potent narcotic which would not be as addictive as morphine!

    Heroin is also known as diamorphine, a name which reflects its chemical structure: they took two morphine molecules and stuck them together back-to-back, producing a substance that is much more fat soluble than morphine. Greater fat solubility enables it to cross the blood-brain barrier much more quickly. That is the reason for the intense rush produced by a hit of heroin, whether you shoot it or smoke it (so I’m told–no firsthand experience.)

    It’s also a damn fine pain reliever.

  2. @ 1 The kid in the bathtub scary? Scary it is, but I find others scarier.

    How about the Lysol douche where a woman shouldn’t question her man’s love, but instead worry about her feminine hygiene?
    or “India needs the technological knowledge of the western world” and the Union Carbide chemical factories (never mind if they explode in the future)?
    or the barbiturate for children?
    or the smoking ice-skater ad, where the men have professions and the woman is just Mrs. William T. Wetmore, young society leader?
    or the healthy Philip Morris cigarettes?
    That’s scary.

    @2 &4, funny? Perhaps, but this is the world we come from, that our parents grew up with. Even though we have advanced much since, sexism is still present in our society. And we are still selling “Round Up” toxic chemicals over the counter claiming its contents inert (without any oversight), when it’s an organophosphate, a neurotoxin, and has been proven to cause damage to the nervous system. And we are having Prozac and Ritalin prescribed to children.
    I wonder what ads from today we will find scary and/or funny fifty years from now. Think about it.