Esquire 75th Anniversary E-Ink Cover Buzzing

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Lots of hype and people reporting on this (here) and (here) and (here). Rolling Stone did a Holographic cover for their big 40th anniversary and completely sold out. Best selling issue ever. I guess that makes it worth the cost.

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  1. yeah saw it in Barnes and Nobles today – didn’t do anything but embarass itself.

    Probably an idea of the art dept which got everybody exited first but decision makers only agreed to the ridiculous thing out now.

    Feels to me like the last thing the world of magazines needed.

  2. Some non-insider folks have a different impression here.

    No, it’s not a homerun. And yes, it is a gimmick.

    But for the tech-crazed public, it might be enough to draw some positive attention to the magazine.

    It’s not a long-term solution, but it does say that the magazine is willing to try something out.

  3. What is the hype about? What am I suppose to look for? I didn’t see anything. Looks like a waste of money to me.