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I gave up a long time ago trying to keep a decent list of links to photo blogs and have always relied on Andrew Hetherington’s list over on WhatsTheJackanory? whenever I wanted to do a little browsing and of course I tried to saddle him with the responsibility of keeping track of the good blogs by posting about it. He also has a pretty good track record for outing blogs before the author is ready, including yours truly and most recently Vincent Laforet (FYI- If you link someone in your blogroll when setting up the blog they can see it in their site admin).

I was helping him move his blog to wordpress and updating the look of it and we stumbled upon a really cool way to browse blogs. He’s calling it Blog Patrol (www.blogpatrol.whatsthejackanory.com) and it might take a little getting used to, but I’ve been testing it out for a couple weeks and I like how it shows posts from all the blogs he’s watching chronologically. The real beauty for me is that you can scan the headlines of all the blogs in a matter of minutes then visit later in the day to see what’s new. I think it will catch on as the place to visit and see what’s happening in the photo blog world.

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  1. I like using the google reader tool to keep a recent reading list automatically updated on the right side of my blog. I just share any that are interesting, like normal, and they show up.

  2. correct me if i’m wrong, but these are more like “blogs about photos” and not “photoblogs” which afaik is something different.

  3. I’ve been having trouble finding a direct link to the google reader clip creator thing – there have been other ways to import your shared items into wordpress, plenty of third party solutions, but this one is the easiest to do and customize. If you take off the google created formatting and tables, it just slips right into your default formatting and looks just like the rest of your website.


    Sometimes when logged into reader it shows a little thing on the right sidebar about the clip creator, but the link it gives is a much longer version of this one, including your unique sharing ID.

  4. I agree with #1 — google or another feed sorter is the way to keep up. I keep up (at the very least with the headlines) via my igoogle and it works well.

  5. One word…..Flock


    This shows you all your RSS feeds in your browser start up page as well as all your other online activities like youtube, facebook etc. It also allows you to mail the URL you are looking at with one click.

    Start using this and you will never get any proper work done again ;-)