I was checking out the TED video of David Griffin, Director of Photography at National Geographic (here), that I discovered on Shoot The Blog and wanted to send him an email but instead discovered a few blog postings that I think you might be interested in reading (here).

The last one from May tackles Film vs. Digital (here) and ends with this wonderful quote:

“At National Geographic we do not require photographers to shoot one way or another—we support both approaches. Ultimately, we care more about what is being photographed, and less about how.”

Maybe, we will start seeing more blogging from working DOP’s in the future, National Geographic is certainly ahead of the curve when it comes to websites.

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  1. Great video. Gotta love TED. Some of the best ideas I’ve ever come across came from TED videos.

    I’m sure we will hear more from DOP’s. It can only help photographers and photography.


  2. I’d like to see more Lomo shots in National Geographic.

  3. As I posted on that Nat Geo blog, the issue also is the fact there are no digital equivalents for many interesting cameras and formats. There are no digital panoramic cameras to replace an Xpan or widelux of Linhof or Fuji. Everyone is shooting with a DSLR and images tend to look the same and all too plastiky. The Leica M8 costs $5500 when a new M6 TTL cost just $2000 when they were still being made a few years ago. On top of that the M8 has noise over 640 ASA and 1.3 crop factor. Of course some have shot jpeg with digi point-and-shoots like Majoli, but then there is real compromise involved when with a film Leica you always had negatives that could be Imaconed or Drum scanned to make mural sized prints (think Gilles Peress’ exhibitions in the 1990s (although those were silver prints but they did come from a Leica negative)). With a jpeg you are throwing out all sorts of data and the early point-and-shoots were good for only 3000 pixels horizontal. It does seem like we have taken a step forward and two steps back although things are gradually changing now.

  4. Finally someone with clout to hopefully put to bed this nerd contest on film versus digital.

    I mean, who gives a monkeys? Take the picture.

  5. I think, therefore I shoot.

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  7. I love the pictures you choose they are so breath taking. It is amazing what people go throught to get the great pictures. Keep up the great work.

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