Mygazines (here) looks to become a place where consumers can scan and share their favorite magazines, although it looks like there’s some professional scanning going on there. This would be so great if the magazine publishers had actually come up with it but sadly it will probably take this kind of content stealing for publishers to wake up and smell the coffee. There was a fashion magazine scan site (here) that I used to look at once an awhile but it looks like they’ve had their content removed. Is this starting to sound like the recording industry?

Via PDN Pulse.

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  1. You’re right, any of these sites that illegally publish copyrighted material eventually gets shut down. And this site doesn’t even make much sense as most magazines are already putting their content online for free anyway. So this site isn’t even supplying people with a service that the magazine publishers aren’t providing. instead they are simply stealing advertising revenue from the magazines by stealing their web traffic. Go to instead. Where they link to all of the legitimate magazine sites.

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