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  1. What a wonderful contribution to photography, to have captured some of the greats before they passed on. Is this an ongoing production?

    thanks for the great find here
    matthew pace

  2. great site

  3. Thanks, Rob.

  4. Another nice find for interviews is – who has interviews of Sally Mann, Richard Avedon, Annie Leibovitz, etc., etc.

  5. Ha! I was actually working for Arnold Newman when this footage was shot and I’ve never seen it before. Thanks, this was really fun to see!

  6. well there goes my afternoon…

  7. […] e eu não consegui dar outro nome a esse post. Mas foi bem assim que aconteceu: estava eu no A Photo Editor, um dos meus blogs preferidos (em inglês) e ele me deu a dica: Pixchannel. Eu, obviamente cliquei. […]

  8. very cool … judd pilossof is one of my fave food photogs

  9. best quote from eliott erwitt. . . “what do you think of when you’re taking pictures?”

    Answer: “LUNCH!”

    finally, some honesty.

  10. wow what a great find thanks

  11. Yes, a great series of interviews. I came across it a few years ago. I remember being very impressed with the Ralph Gibson piece. . . I’ll have to go watch it again now!

  12. Excellent page. So much to read and take in there. Thanks for posting about it.

  13. Rob this post alone made my week. Thanks for the link. I can’t get enough of these types of photographer interviews. They always leave me incredibly inspired.

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