Review Santa Fe went down this past weekend and it’s always been a great resource for Photo Editors, Book Publishers and Gallerists looking for new talent. It’s also a great opportunity for photographers, because you can show your work to a very large group of people at once without the usual hassle of making appointments and then dragging your ass and book all over the city.

As a reviewer it was always a disappointment to see work being presented to other reviewers that you found interesting but wasn’t going to be shown to you. Also, it was difficult to remember work you’d seen half a year ago that you suddenly recall being nearly perfect for an assignment that just landed on your desk. All that has been solved now, because they’ve posted a sampling of the work from each of the photographers that were selected to attend (here). As a bonus most have a nice headshot of each photographer so you can see the person behind the images.

This will prove to be another valuable resource for finding new talent (Alec Soth was discovered there) well before they hit the mainstream.

Discovered via the new Boston Photography Focus blog (here).

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  1. I agree – as we don’t get see to see everyone, this is a super new feature and great value added for both sides.

    Thanks for the shout out for our new blog! Keep up the great work.

    – Leslie

  2. Hell yeah! My buddy Mike Schwartz was there this weekend and is on that list!!! He shoots awesome architectural photos in Chicago!

    (his site:

  3. there is a picture of a young full frontal naked boy on their website. it looks exploitative even if it was for the sake of art.

  4. […] about broadly by Brian Ulrich, Alec Soth, Rob’s done a nice job with the details over at A Photo Editor, and my favorite take (with a grain of salt and a sense of humor) Thomas Broening (way to go, […]

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