The George Lois Esquire Covers at MOMA

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“Many of Mr. Lois’s covers were controversial, not so say irreverent or deliberately provocative. The Liston cover cost the magazine $750,000 in dropped advertising. But they were immensely successful at drawing attention, on the newsstand especially.”

“What was remarkable then — and seems even more so now, when virtually every magazine cover is a thicket of text lines running behind or on top of one celebrity or another — is that the Lois covers were virtually textless.”

“When Mr. Lois learned that Esquire covers were conceived and assigned by an editorial committee, he likened the process to gang rape…”

Read the whole story at (here).

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  1. Glad to hear George is getting the credit he deserves. Those covers were all-time classics. I’m going to be in New York next week so I’ll check out the show at MOMA.

  2. That first shot that they have featurd at reminds me of something that Juergen would draw inspiration from for his latest works with posh ( mrs. becks ) and the new marc jacobs ads.

    Love the article, thanks for the link.