If you’re a Photo Editor, Art Buyer, Art Director, Director of Photography, Creative Director or Agent I will help you install wordpress for free. The only cost will be around $9/year to register your domain name and the $8/month hosting fee. You can even do it anonymously if you like.

Here’s what you need to do to make it happen. Register a website name. I use namesecure.com but if it needs to be anonymous you’ll have to use godaddy.com which is a little tricky because they keep trying to sell you shit as you buy the name. For both registrants just skip all the extras they try and sell you and change the registration term to 1 year (or longer if you don’t want to renew every year) but on the godaddy registration choose the deluxe registration which includes the privacy so nobody can see who registered the name.

Next you have to find a host for your wordpress blog. I use bluehost.com but I hear mediatemple.net ($20/month) is pretty nice. I had a big problem with my host when I had people vote for a photographer to receive the free consultation because they put a load limiter on everyone’s account and mine maxed out and kept shutting down. Curiously the next day the CEO of bluehost.com announced they were increasing the amount of traffic a website can receive, so we’ll have to see if they fixed the problem when I do something that will drive heavy traffic like that.

Once you get a host I’ll tell you how to point your domain there and then I will need to access your account to upload the wordpress blog. Make sure you use a password that you can change once I’ve done all I need to set it up. Hopefully I can get a bunch of new industry blogs started this way.

Email me to get started: rob(at)aphotoeditor.com

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  1. I was considering using godaddy to host a wordpress blog. Have you already ruled them out?

  2. 1and1.com is also an inexpensive option, and they include free domains with private registration. http://tinyurl.com/3sb2y3

    I’ve been using them for the past 5 years with no issues.

  3. Also, in case anyone was wondering, that tinyurl link is not affiliated with my account, so I reap no benefits from mentioning them.

  4. Media Temple is the best.

  5. I believe Media Temple has a 1-click automated installer for WordPress (and a few other common software packages).

  6. i host with lunarpages.com ($6.95/month, starting) and they’ve been great. i signed up with them because of their customer service ratings since i’d had a great deal of trouble with hosts in the past. wordpress makes things fairly easy, i much prefer it to blogger in most cases.

  7. WordPress can even host your blog for free, and you can have your domain point to wordpress for the “easiest” way to get a wordpress blog up and running.

    I use http://www.eleven2.com for hosting. They have been really good so far.

  8. For those that arent’ a PE, AB, etc, you can sign up for a free blog at WordPress.com. WordPress.org is the site with software that you install on your own server.

  9. WordPress is easy to install on GoDaddy. Just one or two clicks and the rest is automated. I pay $4.95/mo. for their economy hosting. My blog does not get much traffic (as it’s oriented to clients in my small town), so too much traffic is not a concern for me. Giving up the cost of a jumbo latte to GoDaddy each month is the cheapest way I found to get online. Look for great, free themes over at Chris Pearson’s site – pearsonified.com

  10. Another nod for Media Temple – we finally moved Blueeyes there after multiple headaches at other spots. I’ll move my personal sites there as well as soon as I finish my 2-year prepaid nightmare at DreamHost (pretty bad).

  11. I think the free hosted solutions are a nice way to start if you’ve got no cash but when you eventually move your blog to your own domain name all the links you had are lost so it’s really worth setting up it up this way from the beginning if you can.

  12. whooooooooah there cowboy!

    Firstly before anyone installs wordpress, can you at least read the blog we’ve setup at http://blogsecurity.net and especially some of the hardening guides we have written.

    WordPress is NOT secure out of the box, especially the latest 2.5 release which still has numerous security issues.

    Rob, drop me a mail if you need any help/guidance on the security side.

  13. i use bluehost (with wordpress) in websites that i made to some my photographers friends and i recomend it.

  14. thanks syl! Ill get to it er….soon!

  15. Dreamhost.com will install WordPress for free on any account. Alternatively, Blogger.com can simply skip the whole registration thing all together and everything can be anonymous as long as the writer doesn’t slip up.

  16. I’m also with Lunarpages. Via the control panel there, you can install WordPress automatically. Very easy. Then it only takes a little bit more knowledge to install whatever templates you want to use.

    I’m sure other hosts offer the same ease, but I can speak to lunarpages and have been pleased.

  17. First of all, Rob, this is a great offer. As a photographer I thank you and look forward to the results.

    Another nod for Lunarpages – They host my site and wordpress blog. I moved to them about 5 years ago and have been very very satisfied in all respects. The basic plan is $96/yr. I Still have my domain names seperate with godaddy.com though lunarpages will register them for a fair price. The seperation is because I had a host go bad on me previously and I was thankful I didn’t have to try and wrestle my domain name from them. (paranoia) I’ve also setup about 10 customers with lunarpages, everyone has been happy there.

  18. yeah, I use dreamhost for whatisntart.net as well as all my other domains for various projects. Installing wordpress on there with their one click was super easy, and I only pay 10 bucks a month for hosting for all my sites.

    I don’t know if they’re still doing the deal I got, but it was amazing and I’ve been a happy customer for something like 4 or 5 years.

  19. I’ve been trying to figure out how to attach a blog to my site for some time now.
    Now I’ll have to come up with another reason not to post everyday.

  20. Rob! Brilliant idea. I sure hope they take you up on it.

    By the way, I use hostmonster. It’s $6.95 a month for unlimited sites and that includes one domain reg a year in the price. I’m running 5 different sites off of my $6.95 a month plan. Huge bandwidth and storage. They even have actual humans that answer the phone when you have a question.

    If bluehost doesn’t work out, give monster a try.

    Oh, they also include anonymous reg for free.

    I’m hoping you’re going to let us know when people start taking you up on this offer, yeah?


  21. That’s the thing. This shite is pretty easy if you’re all about pictures and text.

  22. Rob… Great idea!
    I just recently started up a blog and became a believer in WordPress.
    It is incredibly flexible. I created several posts on setting up a photography portfolio in WP (the series is an ongoing project). Please check it out if you get a chance. http//:www.unsharpmasked.com

    Thanks… Phil Nealey

  23. Thank you. What you need))

  24. Your blog is so informative … ..I just bookmarked you….keep up the good work!!!!

    I’m Out! :)

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