Annie Leibovitz Inks Massive Deal with Flickr

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April Fools Joke. Since it’s over I thought I’d let you know first.

The NY Times has the details on the reported 25 Million dollar deal that would move her entire collection to Flickr with a Creative Commons License (!).


I grabbed a couple screen shots but the place is absolutely mobbed with people. I was able to drop a “nice one” on the picture of the queen tho.



Link to her Flickr page (here).

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  1. If three people hadn’t already jerked my chain this morning (and Christ, it’s only 8:15), I’d have fallen for that click-through…

  2. almost had me! (i saw Disney Bullshit 1 before hitting the link though)


  3. My first thought was (correct) it’s an April Fool’s joke .

    M ysecond thought was She’s got a pretty good head for business, so maybe.

    And my third thought was “How many of her famous photos isshe actually the sole copyright owner of?”

    Answer: Almost none.

  4. Funny, my travel agent sent me an email this AM saying that the Queen was turning part of Buckingham Palace into an upmarket hotel. Do you think there may be a connection?

  5. Awesome capture!! Nice bokeh!!

    I *sniffed* out this picture and think it’s a TROPHY WINNER!!

    Please add the tag “TrophyQueen” to add your picture to the Trophy Winning Pictures of the Queen Pool.

  6. Haha, I was completely had! I was about to spread the word on another forum; when I went to copy the link, I felt like a fool.

    That was a good one; I was utterly stunned saying “twenty. five. million. dollars…?” quite slowly!

  7. It appears that Annie has gotten over the Flickr stigma. This reported on Tuesday, April the 1st…Perhaps the Avedon library will be next years signee;)

  8. My first thought was, “So much for the Flickr stigma.” Then I was perplexed as to how someone worth 25 million misspells ‘ballet’. Then I just got depressed thinking, “Shouldn’t someone worth 25 million at least have the good sense to hire someone who could spell ballet for them?” Then I read the posts, laughed out loud and realized, I’m an idiot. Thanks, Rob.

  9. “Vanity Fair Crap,” “Disney Bullshit”: those titles are way too honest.

  10. Anonymouse

    Nice try. Her account doesn’t even say “pro” on it. Plus, she would most likely have her comments for photos turned off.

  11. That was mean! The “Vanity Fair Crap” started to make me wonder, didn’t even get to the “Disney Bullshit” until after I clicked through. Nice. You got Andy too!

  12. only perhaps for a millisecond… even with my own little warning on my blog you, almost got me. need more coffee. :)

  13. Yeah. Got me. I giggled and then went to look for it in the news at Google. After I couldn’t find it, I remembered what day it was.

  14. Wow, you even gave her a thumbnail photo instead of that little digital smiley face! If I hadn’t just spent the morning turning my kids milk green and stuffing their shoes with newspaper, I would have fallen for it too.

  15. I’ll believe anything frankly, and did…apt use of Leibovitz as the gags vehicle – and the photo captions, nicely done.

  16. just some guy

    reminds me of the experiment where cartier-bresson’s work was put up on flickr without his name and people said things like “it’s a little blurry” or “too grainy”. was hilarious and summed up what i hate about flickr.

  17. Started laughing before I finished reading the title. Awesome.

    Nice capture Annie. You are invited to the a1 picture group. You get a gold star.

  18. HAH! You got me, I clicked on the link… Made me laugh a lot though, at my own stupidity for believing it!


  19. It’s a shame… I received the post by mail and the link is written on the bottom of the mail. I would have clicked if I didn’t read the link address first!

  20. I love stuff like this because it’s a good joke that actually could maybe happen, especially in this day and age. As always, money talks. $25M in a lump sum, I think there are many photographers who would be willing to transfer rights from a business POV.

  21. wow. i seriously need to start looking at the calendar earlier in the day. hook, line and sinker.

  22. very nice! totally made my morning. My connection was slow and I was looking at the wikipedia url thinking “This is so cool!! But why is this pointing to an article on April Fools?” …

  23. I was had! And to think, I was only 27 minutes away from surviving April Fool’s without falling for any of the countless lame jokes I encountered.

  24. Massively over-hyped photographer.

    25 million? For what exactly?

    Apparently there is more than one born every minute.

  25. Dang it. It’s April 2nd, and i still fell for it. I was like, strange, i’ll add her as my friend. Wait, why am i at Wikipedia. Oh, this article is about April Fools. D’oh! Will = owned.

  26. Hey people, Happy Fool’s Day!

    Arriving for a visit, the woman asked her small granddaughter, “Megan, how do you like your new baby brother?”
    “Oh, he’s all right,” the child shrugged. “But there were a lot of things we needed worse.”

    Happy April Fool’s Day!