Director Logjam

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I had a fashion shoot implode the other day after we finished casting and scouting locations, so we quickly scrambled to put another one together and I had 3 days to get a photographer on board. To shoot fashion at our rag a photographer has to be approved by myself, the Fashion Director and the Creative Director. If one of us doesn’t agree they’re rejected. This, as you might imagine, can be difficult especially when you have 3 days so the process usually amounts to me pitching photographers I know will be available and the CD pitching photographers that are most likely booked till Easter and the FD spiking a few here and there for various reasons. When we finally settle on a couple we all agree on I quickly call the agent to check availability and depending on who the agency is you either get a quick answer or you get “I’ll see what can be moved around” and no answer for like a day.

While, I like all the photography that’s come out of this process when you’re in the middle of the logjam it SUCKS.

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  1. Why is it that it seems easier to draw from the creativity well when “fecal material hits the oscillator” than when you have, like, a month to figure out a shoot?

    In the last two days, I had a location dissolve, a hair and makeup stylist become unavailable and a source for several specific motorcycles suddenly disappear. And the shoot is in less than 3 days.

    And guess what? We got it all figured out. And we’ll have better elements for it. At least the shooter is still scheduled. But there’s still a few days for that to fall through, too. Did I just jinx myself? I need to find a piece of wood to rap a knuckle on…


  2. Brenda Milis

    Now I KNOW you’re under the gun because i think it’s the first time you’ve ever truly sounded stressed on this virtual version of your daily life–your entries have impressed me day after day not only in their thoughtfulness but your attitude is extremely positive even when discussing disturbing state-of-the-art-and-commerce situations….so this implosion must be right up there (down there) with the worst: ugh and best of luck to get it done and get good pix! December bookings are tough, tough, tough!