I’ve just discovered that whenever we talk about a photographer here or even over in photo rank the pages show up pretty close to the photographers own website on google. Check out Brigitte Lacombe (here).

I’d like to ask that people commenting on these posts at least consider, that what they say will be permanently attached to the photographer. Imagine if I posted your website what kind of discussion you would like future clients to see when they google your name.


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  1. What’s really interesting is how much traffic I get to my site, from aphotoeditor.com….sometimes upwards of 100 hits a day from your blog.

    People are naturally curious I suppose.

  2. This is one reason why I removed my presence from most public forums – or at least the ones where conversations stray into the ugly or irrelevant zone.

    And like Nick, I get a lot of hits from this blog. Thanks!

  3. So there is an advantage to know one talking about me. :-)

  4. Everything ever said about me is way over my head.

  5. Yeah, this site rules. And I’ve actually had an inquiry from England the other night for a wedding next year! Too bad I am already booked solid!


  6. @Nick Haskins – I would be blown away If I received that (one hundred hits a day) kind of traffic to my site from posting to someones blog. That would be more traffic generated than running an Ad or having a presence on any of the top portfolio sites available.

    You should be cutting the PE a check…and to whom should Nick be making the check out to? :)

  7. Yeah, I’d say if you make a decent comment people will come see what you’re all about.
    A side benefit I never imagined.

  8. (regrets previous dumbass comments)

  9. Like my above comment which made no sense. :-)

  10. I should probably admit I was being facetious about the Nachtway bar mitzvah thing. Whoops.

  11. On another note, how does it feel to have a runaway success on this blog? On the one hand, it’s in blog terms, a sliver of any of the magazines you work at, and you’re anonymous. On the other hand, it’s having some real and even unforeseen effects.

  12. That is because your blog is gaining momentum… All the editors I have talked to in my home town read your blog and even beat money on guessing which magazine :D


  13. it says about the traffic on the official websites of these artists, and on top of that on the general interest in photography. one can treat it as a mission – discuss to promote. And here’s my request – write some about one or another photographer from the CEE region (Poland maybe) : )

  14. and here is the missing link

  15. You’re blog already has a following on the picture desk I work on, and within other photography circles in the UK (EPUK, Grassrootsx)

  16. They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

  17. It’s because this site has a good “importance” ranking, or page ranking, (4) from Google compared to your average photographers’ Web site. For example, Lacombe has an “importance” ranking of 3.

    Anyone can check out your page ranking here:

    I’m a pitiful 1.

  18. My blog’s page rank is 5 and my regular site is a 4. I guess this place would benefit from a link from my blog. :-)

  19. Hmm…my visitor stats go up and down daily, so it’s tough to tell, though I think I can safely say I don’t get 100 extra visitors to my site from my comments here.

    Must be more insightful from now on…

  20. Yeah 100 is a bit of an exaggeration if you ask me. I don’t think there are 100 people that comment here as it is. I’m counting about 20 a day…

  21. It’s not commenter’s it’s visitors and yes many thousands of people are reading the comments. Another reason to put some thought into them. :)

  22. Google rank comment spam was used for quite a while, its nice when its accidental.

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